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The Republic of Haiti is the leeward half of the trade wind Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Dominican Republic and which the Windward Passage separates from Cuba, itself only 90 miles from the Florida Keys. The country is plagued with two calamities: one is the anarchic deforestation of its mountains that is man-made and has resulted in erosion and pressures on resources causing water, food, and energy shortages; the other is the desertification of its coastal regions caused by the trade winds, therefore by Mother Nature. It follows that its topography is characterized mainly by coastal deserts and by mountains that have for the most part lost their tree cover.

Fortuitously, in addition to abundant sunshine, Haiti is blessed with cold, nutrient-rich deep ocean water (DOW) in closed proximity to its entire coast and is the most favored nation in the Caribbean for access to DOW. The Haitian corporation, Energinat S.A., proposes to employ an integrated system utilizing innovative DOW technologies that can revitalize Haiti by transforming many of its coastal deserts into oases of prosperity and plenty that will be linked by sea transportation and submarine fiber optic telecommunications.

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