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Energinat S.A. (ENASA), an acronym for the French words "Énergies naturelles", is a privately held, for-profit corporation of the Republic of Haiti, dedicated to the optimal management of natural energy resources for the benefit of the people of the country. The corporation recognizes that Haiti is an essentially agricultural nation with very few terrestrial resources and that the Sun and the Sea constitute a heritage for its future.

The Sun + the Sea = a Heritage for Haiti’s Future

Founded in 1996, Energinat can operate both in Haiti and elsewhere. Owing to the rampant insecurity in the country, our office is presently in Montreal, Canada. The corporation’s current mission is to utilize integrated deep ocean water (DOW) systems for the purpose of establishing self-sufficient, economically, culturally, and environmentally sustainable community habitats in coastal deserts of Haiti that lie adjacent to deep
ocean water. These systems provide significant quantities of pure, fresh water, air conditioning and cold water refrigeration, cold agriculture, warm and cold marine aquaculture and clean power. Because the coastal zones that have been identified as promising locations for a DOW development project are removed from each other, we propose to use a fleet of high speed ferryboats and a submarine fiber optic necklace to link them to all the coastal cities, towns and villages of the country.

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