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Past experience has shown that in Haiti only large-scale public works, such as the City of the 1949 World Fair in Port-au-Prince and the Péligre hydroelectric plant built on the Artibonite River  in the 1950s, have somehow or other survived the ravages of time. This implies that an infrastructure project for Haiti has to be big to be successful and that, today more than ever, there is an urgent need to think big with audacity, plan with precision and competence, implement well with proven technology and be concerned about the community with love and compassion. All these factors are combined in the SANSAQUA project, an ambitious and yet realistic deep ocean water (DOW) development project where failure is not an option. This project involves bringing warm surface seawater and cold, pure, deep seawater to shore to create self-sufficient, coastal community habitats which are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and which can quickly spread and merge through the land grid. This will be achieved by the installation of an integrated multi-product DOW system in each of five remote coastal desert locations which are adjacent to deep seawater and which will be linked to all coastal cities, towns and villages by sea transportation and submarine fiber optic telecommunications. It is evident that the development of the five DOW sites will contribute greatly to the decentralization of Haiti and furnish many of the infrastructures needed for its reconstruction. Immense economic, social and environmental benefits for the country can be derived from the implementation of this project.












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