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Energinat proposes to establish an integrated multi-product deep ocean water (DOW) system that is economically and environmentally sustainable in at least five geographic sites identified along the coast of Haiti , each of which is a promising location for a deep seawater development project. These sites are: Mole St. Nicolas (Mole's Cape), St. Marc's Bay (St. Marc's Point), Gonave Island (West Point), the northern coast of the Southern Peninsula (near Jeremie) and a coastal zone east of the city of Jacmel . Since these sites are removed from each other, they will be connected to the ports of the country by sea transportation. They will also be linked to all coastal cities, towns and villages and to the transatlantic cables by a submarine necklace of fiber optic cables for telephone communications, the transfer of data and the Internet. Because the DOW system does not require fresh water from municipal systems, this sustainable socioeconomic development project has been named the " SANSAQUA Project", a designation suggested by Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen, Chief of United States Naval Research.

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